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JoomlaWorks is developing and supporting some of the most respected and popular extensions in the Joomla! community, including the groundbreaking K2, AllVideos, Simple Image Gallery and Frontpage Slideshow. Since 2006 we have developed more than 26 extensions for the Joomla! CMS, all of which have been used in hundreds of thousands of Joomla! sites across the world. Late 2010, our extensions had been downloaded more that 4 million times, out of which AllVideos and Simple Image Gallery had more than 1.5 million downloads each and K2 more than 350,000! Innovation and the open source philosophy are the two things that motivate us!
  1. AllVideos v4.8.0 now available - PHP 7 compatible, Clappr & JW Player v7, HTTPS by default, new providers

    AllVideos v4.8.0 now available - PHP 7 compatible, Clappr & JW Player v7, HTTPS by default, new providers
    We have just released a major update to AllVideos, version 4.8.0, for Joomla versions 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x.

    It's highly recommended that you update AllVideos to v4.8.0, especially if your Joomla site is running on PHP 7 and/or using HTTPS by default.

    Here's what's new in the version, as well as what's changed or been removed:
    • AllVideos is now PHP 7 compatible (sorry for the wait).
    • Clappr is now the primary media player for most modern formats (e.g. mp4, webm, mkv, mp3, ogg/oga/ogv etc.). It's open source, lightweight and extensible.
    • JW Player has been updated to v7 and now used for any media formats that are not supported by Clappr (e.g. for FLV). If you use your own commercial API key for JW Player, you need to make sure it's v7 compatible.
    • All 3rd party video providers have been updated to utilize the <iframe> tag, so their videos can be embedded in responsive websites and playback nicely on smartphones & tablets. The only exception is Veoh which is only kept in AllVideos for backwards compatibility reasons as the service apparently still hosts videos, albeit in Flash video format only.
    • If your site is HTTPS only, any embedded media will now properly serve over HTTPS as well (unless HTTPS is not supported by the provider, e.g. Metacafe, Veoh, & Screenr).
    •, and have been added to the list of providers, while any obsolete ones have been removed.
    • Poster (preview) images can now be used with both local and remote media files. Local poster images can be in .jpg, .png or even .gif formats, but remote poster images are only supported in .jpg.
    • Most importantly, it's now possible to embed any supported 3rd party videos by copy/pasting the entire video page URL within the right plugin tag. So there is no need for embedding e.g. a video using the video page's ID using tags like {vimeo}64399027{/vimeo}, you can simply paste the entire video URL like this: {vimeo}{/vimeo}

    Please keep in mind that AllVideos v4.8.0 is the last release to support Joomla 1.5. The next update (v5) will also be strictly compatible with the latest release of Joomla at the time.


    The JoomlaWorks demo site has been updated to use the latest AllVideos release. See here:


    You can download this version by visiting the extension's page at:


    If you use the latest Joomla 3.x releases, this new update will appear in the Joomla extension updater. If you're using Joomla 1.5, you can simply upload the new version and it will overwrite the old one. After that step, visit the plugin's parameters page, check if everything is OK or adjust as needed and save the parameters.
  2. K2 v2.8.0 released

    K2 v2.8.0 released
    K2 v2.8.0 is now available to download for Joomla 1.5 to 3.x. This release improves the content management workflow and UI, is fully compatible with PHP 7.x and the latest Joomla 3.7.x, while at the same time addressing various issues from performance to UI, to bug fixes and security.
    To install K2 for the first time or update your existing K2 based website, just grab the latest package here:

    The process to update K2 is fairly simple. If you are on Joomla 1.5, grab the zip file from the link above and install it on top of your existing K2 version. If you are on Joomla 2.5 or 3.x, go to the Joomla update manager, purge the update cache, re-check and you'll see the new release available to instantly update. If you are still on Joomla 1.6 or 1.7 or 2.5, you're seriously a bad*ss living on the edge - but why not do yourself a favour and upgrade to Joomla 3.x? It's easier than you think.

    So what's been added, changed or updated in this new release in more detail?

    Here's a list of the important things added, changed or updated in K2 v2.8.0.

    • New selection modals for all content entities (items, categories, tags, users) improve your workflow. From content selection to filtering to searching. E.g. before adding a new K2 item in a menu item, you can now directly make it "featured" from within the selection modal. Adding content from a K2 selection modal is now more informative and all previously used (and annoying) JS alerts have been dropped to minimize clicks.
    • Improved searching accross all backend list views (from items to comments). Use double quotes with your query in the search box to search for an exact string or (as previously) use any words to search all occurences. Better still, you can now search all database fields that hold data you'd probably like to find (yes, even the image caption or the email/IP address in comments). It makes things easier, from working with content to helping you better combat comment abuse.
    • Added character counters on the "meta description" blocks in the item & category forms. Additionally, all the "meta robots" fields has now been converted from a text field to a drop-down (since the options are specific either way).
    • Any calendar input now uses the awesome Flatpickr datetime picker instead of Joomla's native calendar widget.
    • Replaced the Joomla modal with FancyBox in the backend, allowing for better previewing of item and category images while on list views.
    • Added Picozu & Gravit as online image/vector editors - no need to open a desktop app to manipulate images before uploading them to K2.
    • The backend (and frontend editing) UIs are now more consistent - from the action buttons to the filters to the actual layouts. The module and menu selection parameters have also been refined. CSS has been refined to resolve visual conflicts with menu selectors in modules in Joomla 3.x.
    • Font Awesome updated to its latest release (4.7.0).
    • Added new plugin events (content triggers) to support Regular Labs' "Better Trash" extension.
    • Improved compatibility with Regular Labs' "Advanced Module Manager" extension.

    • Minor CSS and template override improvements - comparison packages will be uploaded soon...
    • The frontend editing UI is now consistent with the backend UI which improves the overall authoring workflow. Item links in "Edit My Comments" will now properly link to the SEF version of a K2 item and comment pagination is now fixed (previously broken).
    • Removed maxwidth (character) limitation in "K2 Tools" search option.
    • Added proper check for media in the "K2 Content" module.
    • You can now get the raw date value of any date extra field. Just use "<?php echo $this->item->extraFields->EXTRAFIELD_ALIAS_HERE->rawValue; ?>" instead of just "<?php echo $this->item->extraFields->EXTRAFIELD_ALIAS_HERE->value; ?>" to get the raw date value of a single (date type) extra field, anywhere extra fields are displayed in K2.

    • Updated elFinder to the latest 2.1.28 release which addresses both functional and security issues.
    • Updated class.upload.php to its latest release (now PHP 7 compatible)
    • Updated all PHP and JS libs used throughout K2. Most third-party CSS and JS files are now version-loaded via HTTPS over CloudFlare's website which is HTTP/2 ready (=improved load times).
    • 3rd party libraries have been re-organized (and decoupled from K2 component files) to make updating easier in the future, while paving the way for the new modernized codebase of K2 (more about this below).
    • Added index to all K2 database fields where it makes sense to have an index. This should improve performance overall, especially with large datasets.
    • The usage of Joomla modals (and other similar JS widgets) has been minimized, along with reliance on legacy Mootools code. K2 v2.9.0 will completely remove these dependencies.
    • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.x.
    • Latest Joomla 3.7.x compatible.
    • Still 100% compatible with Joomla 1.5 and 2.5.
    • Many, many other bug fixes and improvements under the hood.


    If you use v2.7.x already, then it is (as always) safe to upgrade to K2 v2.8.0. If you use a version before 2.7.0, refer to the 2.7.0 upgrade notes.

    If you already have your own K2 CSS and/or HTML template overrides then there's nothing to worry about. If you use "stock" K2 CSS and HTML template overrides, just browse your site after the upgrade to make sure nothing's misalligned. In any case, exceptions may occur but they are usually easy to resolve. If you need any help, just post about your issue in the K2 Community Forum.

    Since the release of K2 v2.7.0 we have added an update notification for new releases of K2 within the K2 backend (viewed only by super admins) to make it easier to spot new releases and update accordingly.

    Before upgrading, it's always a good idea to get a backup of your site (just in case):
    • To upgrade in Joomla 1.5, just install v2.8.0 on top of any existing K2 installation.
    • To upgrade in Joomla 2.5 or 3.x, either install on top (as with Joomla 1.5) or use Joomla's extension updater (you should already see the notification for v2.8.0).
    DO NOT uninstall any older K2 version first, as this will wipe out your K2 content!

    HTML & CSS Template Overrides

    Have a look here:

    The fine print

    K2 v2.8.0 may not seem like a huge feature upgrade from 2.7.1 because most of the work has been done under the hood, in order to pave the way for future K2 releases. K2's codebase is being re-organized and gradually modernized in such a way so that new (significant) features can be added in upcoming releases without breaking b/c compatibility at all. This is very important to us and it's the reason why many sites that used K2 since Joomla 1.5 managed to upgraded to Joomla 2.5 or 3.x a lot easier than those using the stock "Joomla Articles" component (com_content). Careful initial design for K2 has allowed us this "luxury" to be honest and that's how K2 will continue in the future.

    Which brings us to K2 v3.0. As you may have seen, that version never came out of beta. It brought a lot of great UI concepts (many of which Joomla eventually copied - which is really flattering the least), but because it was built from scratch, it also brought a lot of headaches. The use of backbone.js proved a complicating experience, especially when new JS libraries (like React or vue.js) came along that made things simpler to work with. It was a great testing playground for us and that's how we'll leave it for now.

    The work that is currently being done in K2 v2.9.0 (the next update) will gradually bring the UI that K2 v3.0 meant to bring and functionality will eventually be enhanced with vue.js, a UI JS library that has proven it's here to stay. This means that we'll go from K2 2.9.0 to 2.10.0 and/or 2.11.0 before eventually ditching any pre-Joomla 3.x compatibility and moving to (the new) K2 v3.0.0.

    Any new features that K2 v3.0 (beta) introduced (e.g. multiple extra field group assignment to all content entities, custom extra fields, improved ACL, content versioning, simplified template overrides etc. etc.) will still make their way to coming updates, but one at a time. Again, the important thing here is to maintain 100% backwards compatibility.

    Why you may ask? Well, because nearly 400,000 websites are actively using K2 v2.7.0 or newer, to this day. That's a huge number of websites using K2 and it continues to grow with a rapid rate, just as downloads have passed the 3 million mark.

    Yes, K2 updates have been slow in the past and, yes, K2 v3.0 (using backbone.js) never materialized to a stable release. But the fact remains: K2 is rock-solid stable, it has a large user base (to the count of hundreds of thousands) and its workflow still proves superior to that of Joomla's stock article system or even any other CCKs. And starting with K2 v2.8.0, you'll see updates happen a lot sooner, in 2-3 month cycles or less.

    K2 remains the easiest and most flexible way to truly manage any kind of content in Joomla, without giving yourself headaches with options you don't understand or dozens of overrides that you don't need. Keeping things as simple as possible, with a workflow that makes sense and template overrides to master any layout/design you want.

    Enjoy K2 v2.8.0 :)
  3. Tabs & Sliders has a new home

    Tabs & Sliders has a new home
    JoomlaWorks will be 10 in a few months, just a little older than Joomla itself.

    In these 10 years we have managed to create some of the most respected and of course popular extensions in the Joomla community. Extensions like K2, AllVideos, Simple Image Gallery (Free and Pro) or Tabs & Sliders, all with more than one million downloads each. At the same time, we have developed more than 30 extensions for Joomla (both free and commercial), all with a combined download count of nearly 8 million.

    As we progress into the future, building new & more complex products, while embracing new platforms (WordPress in particular), we must be laser focused on the products that matter most to our vision. And our vision is to offer solid, cross-platform products with a long lifespan, that redefine how we develop websites with Joomla and eventually WordPress. That way you can invest in them and know that they will be supported and improved continuously.

    So as we move towards more such complex products, we (unfortunately) have to cut down on the resources we spend on extensions that are less important to us, as we really don't wish to become "Jack of all trades, master of none".

    Our goal is to maintain a portfolio of less than 10 products for Joomla and (eventually) WordPress. Less products means we can be more agile when it comes to developing new features in the future.

    Which brings us to "Tabs & Sliders"...

    Although it's one of the most all-time popular Joomla extensions (1m+ downloads) and probably one of the top 2-3 extensions for Tabs and/or Sliders in content, we feel we haven't given it the attention it deserves.

    The fact that Tabs & Sliders has become less important to us does not mean it's less important to its users. And because we value our users and the trust they put in JoomlaWorks products all these years, we would never just kill an extension, especially one that's popular already.

    That is why we have decided to pass on development to our friends over at Alledia, the folks who also run OSTraining, both lead by Steve Burge.

    We believe Tabs & Sliders is in good hands and the nice folks at Alledia will take good care of it and further extend and improve the product. In fact, they have already unified the plugin and module into one extension, as both already shared the JS scripts that powered the tabs and sliders functionality. Having a unified extension (package in Joomla lingo) will obviously speed up development and also make updating easier.

    Alledia will of course honor Tabs & Sliders' existing distribution model and they will keep the extension free as it has been for nearly 9 years already.

    Starting today, you can download the updated Tabs & Sliders extension from Alledia here:

    We have also updated our XML update definition files to include the new release from Alledia. This means that sites already using Tabs & Sliders (the plugin) will be able to directly update to the new release (including both the plugin and module) supported by Alledia.

    I'd like to thank Steve Burge for accepting the challenge and I believe he and his team will make Tabs & Sliders even more popular in the years to come.

    P.S. Here's the blog post on Alledia's blog:
  4. New extension: K2 Plugin for sh404SEF

    New extension: K2 Plugin for sh404SEF
    In the recent update of K2 v2.7.0 we decided to decouple any built-in integration with third party extensions for 2 important reasons: easier maintenance of third party features and faster updates.

    K2 is built as a solid component and we don't plan on releasing updates every couple of weeks. To give you an idea of how solid K2 is, the previous version (2.6.9) was released in December 2014 and it was 100% compatible with Joomla 3.4.x up until the launch of K2 v2.7.0. A slower release cycle means we are more careful when we issue updates to K2 and this is something we believe firmly.

    That being said, if we want to properly support third party extension integration with K2, it's best to decouple any such functionality. It's what we did since the inception of K2 in 2009 when we decided to keep the advanced media and image gallery functionalities completely separate in the form of AllVideos and Simple Image Gallery Pro.

    After so many years, one thing has also proved certain: the continuous support of sh404SEF from Anything Digital and recently from Weeblr (founded by sh404SEF's original developer, Yannick Gaultier). sh404SEF is one of the most popular extensions in the Joomla community and it's arguably the best SEO related extension for Joomla.

    So seeing sh404SEF continuously being updated and improved, we decided to decouple it from K2 in order to follow such changes in sh404SEF's development. As a bonus we also added community requested features for even better URL manipulation and finally we made sure the plugin supports both K2 versions 2.x and the upcoming 3.x. That's one codebase to maintain and from now on it will fall to faster updates, following closely the development of sh404SEF.

    The new "K2 Plugin for sh404SEF" is distributed commercially for two reasons: we can provide dedicated/personal support and it's a way to give back to the K2 project.

    "K2 Plugin for sh404SEF" is now available to purchase in 6 and 12 month subscriptions, starting from 14.90 EUR.
  5. JoomlaDay Brasil!

    JoomlaDay Brasil!
    What a blast, both my first overseas trip and my fist international conference as well. This huge opportunity was not to be wasted.

    On our way to Brasil.

    As you can imagine 10.600km is no walk in the park.

    Three flights and 30 hours in total was exhausting but it was certainly worth it. On the upside we got to see Lisbon as we waited about 10hrs for our flight to Brasilia. We arrived happy and really exhausted but luck was on our side since Paulo and Jorge were waiting for us. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a friendly face when you are an ocean and a continent away from home.

    You can see the effects of the 30 hour flight bellow. 

    30hr flight

    Jorge López-Bachille from Guatemala looking fine and Lefteris and me (Krikor) looking, well... exactly like you'd expect us to look after 30 hours of flying.

    The conference and the people behind it.

    A first look at the UCB university lead us to the right conclusion. Impeccable organisation, lovely venue and goodies for the speakers. Since the language barrier was an issue in Brasil the idea to include translations in Portuguese worked wonders with the crowd. To be honest I‘ve attended multiple events in the past and I can certainly admin that #JDBR15 was one of the best organised.

    Javier, Roland, Jorge and pretty much all presentations where kick-ass material (at least the ones I could understand).

    The bbq was fantastic as well. 

    The Presentation

    Talk about being nervous. My first international presentation, huge venue, live streaming and the list goes on. Add 750 registered attendees on top and I almost got a heart attack.

    Javier Gomez was giving a fantastic presentation before us so having to pull out a good result was no easy task. We pulled it through! Once we got up to the stage all the anxiety went away. Seeing people eagerly waiting to hear about v3 relieved the tension. Once we started talking (insert an apology here to the translators) there was no going back. One more presentation and we where off to the workshops.

    I have to admit, the 3hr workshops where a really nice idea which we are definitely ripping of in a local JoomlaDay :) The ability to learn directly from prominent Joomla! developers and to receive feedback directly from your users is invaluable. I don’t think you can put a price tag on this opportunity. I think this is a must for all upcoming JoomlaDay events. It will allow developers to build even better products and enhance the Joomla! ecosystem.

    Muito obrigado

    jdbr2015 group
    jd2015 team
    Happy 10th bday Joomla! :)

    I would not be a proper gent if I didn’t thank once more all the people who where responsible for this incredible experience.

    A big thank you to Paulo, Ana, Jonatas, Daniel, Rafael, Jorge, Renaldo and to all of the gals and guys for the hospitality.

    You made us feel like home. Muito obrigado!